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PHOTO GALLERY | I just left to rediscover the world. This is everything I packed

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 18 February 2019

One of the difficult things while planning for long term travel is packing – especially if you’re leaving like this for the first time. What to pack and what to leave behind? What are the things you really need and what will only be a burden? How will you manage to constantly pack and unpack? These are all tricky questions, I won’t lie and you will never quite nail it. But, while you ponder on this some more, here’s what I packed for the first 3 months of my travel. That’s 3 months, 3 backpacks (16, 8, 8 kilos), 2 people and 1 checked bag. 

As you clicked on the headline of this story, curious to see what a rookie in the art of living a nomadic life packed, I’m probably mid-air towards Sri Lanka, writing or reading something and trying not to think about the odds that my checked bag will be lost. I’ll have as a comfort the fact that my carry-on backpack safely holds all the necessities in case my mini-retirement has a bumpy start.

I have spent most of my weekend packing. Before this, I already had all the things I decided to take with me stored in three boxes, each of them corresponding to one of our backpacks.

These are all the things I packed for the first three months of my trip to rediscover the world (three months because we decided to do our mini-retirement in installments of about three months, alternated with a couple of months back home after each of these trips).

The guy version

Bags for 3 months/2 ppl.

– 3 backpacks – 70 l, 40 l, 30 l

– 1 checked bag – about 16 kilos

– 2 cabin bags – about 8 kilos each


There are 3 backpacks for the two of us (my husband and me). The checked bag is a 70 l backpack, which weighs about 16 kilos. At first, we bought two of them, but then realized it would cost us a lot more to have two checked bags every time we fly. So we sold one. 

The other two bags are cabin sized. Mine is a 40 l backpack which weighs about 8 kilos. His is a 30 l backpack which weighs about the same. He’s the one carrying most of the gadgets (minus my laptop and Kindle), hence the cameras and tripod are not in the pictures below. 

This is ‘the guy version’ of the bag. Not pictured below are his boots and the clothes he is wearing the day of the trip, including a rain jacket.

Tips and tricks

As you can see, they don’t seem so many, but trust me, when you unroll and unpack, there’s plenty!

There are wiser people to preach about packing light, but the general gist of it is to use lightweight material, to roll everything and take the air out of the bags you use. For us, packing cubes have come in handy, especially for not being forced to constantly unpack and repack every single item individually. 

We have quite a lot of medicine in our bags, but that’s a personal choice. As for the makeup and toiletries, aside for the travel sized options, I also packed a lot of sample sized makeup items. I don’t care so much about the toiletries, since I can always buy them on the road. Also, after three and a half years in television, my face will use a break from heavy makeup. 

If you’re curious to see more pictures with our bags, check out the photo gallery below! 

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